I am currently working as a Geophysicist and Project Manager for ERT, Inc., in Laurel, MD. I am a licensed professional geologist in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
Like many other atheists, I wrote an essay called Why I am an atheist and sent it to PZ Myers, who put it up on his blog, Pharyngula, on January 3, 2012.
Take a look at my geology photo album, which shows rocks, outcrops, landforms, and archaeological sites from the United States, the Bahamas, and Barbados. Closely related is my rock collection page, which shows photographs of interesting specimens in my collection and some of the outcrops from which they came.
My master's thesis was about the depositional history of Rice Bay, a carbonate lagoon on San Salvador, Bahamas. Closely related to my thesis is the Man Head Cay project, which was an ongoing project on a part of my thesis area.
I am a lunatic, meaning I'm interested in the moon. My page on the moon is a work in progress for now.
I am a wikipedia editor. I've uploaded many of the images you will find on this website to wikipedia. I have a Youtube channel. You can see many of my videos embedded on pages on this site. I play a banjo sometimes, and I've created some electronic music.

The Stuby Family Photo Album and Klahre Family Photo Album show geneological information and lots of pictures of my relatives.

I'm an experienced scuba diver. Here are quite a few underwater photographs and videos from my experience in Florida, the Caribbean, and Bahamas:
Florida Keys, Andros Island, San Salvador Island, 1999 and 2000 Cozumel, Mexico, January 2007 Scuba diving in the Florida Keys, March 2008, including the wreck of the Benwood, Molasses Reef, Pickles Reef, and Snapper Ledge
Florida Keys, June 2010, including: Dry Tortugas 9-foot Stake Reef Marker 32 Reef Looe Key
Snorkeling at Rainbow Reef, New Providence Island, Bahamas, November 2012


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