I have been playing the banjo since my 24th birthday in 1995. I know some bluegrass (of course) but I also like playing stuff that isn't traditionally played on the banjo, like Grateful Dead and Pink Floyd songs.

photos of me playing sounds of me playing (mp3)
At Stoobapalooza VII Walking Cane (Mar. 2009, with Scott and Andy)
The Alex Mussio Band Dark Star (Aug. 2006)
The Fat Green Martians Bile 'em Cabbage Down (studio Sep. 2007)
At Stoobapalooza V Nashville Skyline Rag (Jan. 2009, with Scott and Andy)
New banjo Plastic Jesus (studio Aug. 2008)
Ginseng Sullivan (studio Dec. 2006)
Death is Coming to Get You (studio Dec. 2006)

Here are me and my friends Scott and Andy playing Dead Flowers by the Rolling Stones in January 2009.

Here we are playing Old Number 7 by the Devil Makes Three in September 2012.

This is Cortez the Killer by Neil Young, recorded in 2012.

This is Deal by the Grateful Dead, recorded in October 2014.

This is Wayfaring Stranger, a traditional song, recorded in October 2014.

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