2006 Rt. 30 Thrust Fault
71st Field Conference of Pennsylvania Geologists

These are photos of an outcrop of the Devonian Catskill Formation on the north side of US Rt. 30 between Everett and Breezewood in Bedford County, Pennsylvania. In the center of the panorama is a well-exposed thrust fault. The panorama created using Canon Photostitch from 7 of 14 orthogonal shots taken equidistant from the outcrop on July 4, 2006. The other two shots face northeast and northwest towards the fault.

These are photos from the 71st Annual Field Conference of Pennsylvania Geologists, which was entitled The Haystacks, "Ricketts Folly," and the End of the World: Geology of the Glaciated Allegheny High Plateau, Sullivan, Luzerne and Columbia Counties, Pennsylvania. It was held on October 5 to 7, 2006.

The first photo shows me on one of the "Haystacks," in Loyalsock Creek. The Haystacks are enigmatic mounds of quartz sandstone in a single bed within the Devonian-Mississippian Huntley Mountain Formation. We visited the Haystacks on one of the pre-conference trips. Here is a video I shot of them a few years after the conference.

Stop 1 of the main fieldtrip was in Ricketts Glen State Park, and we hiked down to Ganoga Falls, and past several others on the way to it (Falls Trail). On the way to all the stupid, overphotographed water falls, there were some interesting, underphotographed rocks, including the one in the second photo, which is also from the Haystacks bed of the Huntley Mountain Formation. This has sub-vertical sand dikes in it, a feature not present in the Haystacks in Loyalsock Creek. Also on the trail Dr. Duane Braun pointed out some glacial striations on a fallen boulder.

Stop 11 of the trip was in Worlds End State Park, where we ate lunch along Loyalsock Creek. The fourth photo shows an exposure of the rocks along the creek. There is debate about whether these are the Huntley Mountain Formation or the somewhat older Catskill Formation.

Stop 12 was at the Leberfinger Quarry on Millview Mountain Road, Sullivan County, where the Devonian Lock Haven Formation is exposed. The fifth photo shows rhynchonellid brachiopod fossils, with lens cap for scale. The next shows a plant fossil. The next shows a good example of flute casts. The next shows abundant Cruziana-like trace fossils on a boulder.
GPS 41.521592,-76.59207

Stop 13 was another look at the Huntley Mountain Formation on Dry Run Road in Sullivan County. There were unusual vertical burrows in the mudstone, and the last photo shows me holding a hammer next to one of them. They were interpreted to be lungfish burrows by the fieldtrip leaders.
GPS 41.421088,-76.700474

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