2014 Ashtabula River

I hiked up the Ashtabula River in Ashtabula County, Ohio, on July 5, 2014, with a large group of extended family. We hiked from the access point off of State Road next to the Smolen-Gulf Bridge, just east of Route 11, and went up river on foot for about a half mile. The Devonian Ohio Shale is exposed all along the river.

The first two images show cliffs of the Ohio Shale, with some ledges of more erosion-resistant sandy layers. The second of the two is facing straight up the cliff at a steep angle.

The next three pictures show concretions, which I believe are calcareous, and certainly show cone-in-cone structures. Danielle is pointing at one in the first of the three. The last one shows a close up with some keys for scale. I collected one sample (osc1) from one of the concretions.

The next three show small anticlines exposed in the riverbed. These are gentle folds resulting from tectonic forces squeezing the layers horizontally.

The last two images show glacial erratics, which were transported to their present locations from probably Canada by glaciers and then a bit further downstream by the river during floods. They are made of igneous and metamorphic rock, mostly granites and schists, and are much harder than the shale they rest upon.

GPS 41.8589848, 80.7574125