The Grand Canyon

I've been to the Grand Canyon three times so far. The first time was in the 80's, when I went there with my family in high school. I know we went to the north rim, but I don't remember much about it other than that, and I took no pictures.

I went back on March 27, 1998, with my old roommate Dr. Ig on a spring break road trip in grad school, and went down part of the South Kaibab Trail on the south rim.

The third trip was on October 26, 2008, with my wife. We went down the Grandview Trail towards Horseshoe Mesa.

South Kaibab Trail in 1998

These are two views along the trail. The first one looks north along the trail towards an unnamed butte, which was the furthest point along the trail that we got to. The second one faces south back up the trail towards O'Neill Butte at the left.

The weather was cold but spectacular that day. Clouds formed a roof over the canyon, but there were gaps in the clouds which caused rays of sunlight to move across the canyon. There was occasional rain, and even rainbows.

A ray of sunlight hits the unnamed butte in the next photo, and the next one shows me at the top of it, with the Colorado River in the background. The rocks of the butte are in the Pennsylvanian Supai Group.

This shows switchbacks in the trail near the trailhead (facing south).

This shows a view up the trail.

This shows an old tree that has been battered by wind, near the Cedar Ridge rest area on the trail.

These seven pictures were all taken from the unnamed butte above. The anaglyphs were created from pairs of images that were tens of feet apart, so as to show some 3D relief at the great distances within the canyon.
Grandview Trail in 2008

The top photo shows the view from near the trailhead, looking down towards Horseshoe Mesa at center.

The second photo shows to the west with cliffs formed by the Coconino Sandstone at left. The third photo shows the view to the east from nearly the same point.

The fourth photo shows what I think is an unconformity in the sandstone. Unfortunately I don't remember where this is exactly.

The next one shows Danielle and me down near Horseshoe Mesa, facing roughly east.

There is an abandoned adit near Horseshoe Mesa, which was part of the reason the trail was originally constructed. The next photo shows some of the copper minerals in the rock near the adit.

The next-to-last picture is similar to the first but with different lighting because we were hiking out of the canyon and it was getting dark.

The last one shows the Grandview-Phantom Monocline.

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