Geology Photos


These are photos I have taken over the years since I first started seriously studying geology in 1997. They are organized in chronological order, except for the "General" section. You can do a rough search by topic by scanning the subjects in each year below and clicking on the year to take you to those pictures. Click on images to enlarge them. Enjoy!.

General Thrust Fault, Trace Fossils, Bryozoan, and Dikes
Grand Canyon Pictures from 1998 and 2008
1997 Field Camp (White Elephant Pegmatite, Wind River Canyon, Elk Basin, Yellowstone basalt flows, Little Cottonwood Canyon, Marysvale Volcanic District), Block Glide
1998 Meteor Crater, Sunset Crater, Sacaton Mountains, Hocking Hills, Bear Valley Strip Mine, Enchanted Rock, Sed/Strat Field Trips, Bedford County, River of Rocks
1999 Sequence Strat Field Trip, Concretions, Seneca Rocks, Caesar's Site, Rugose Coral, Kame Deposits
2000 Mauch Chunk, Fairmont Park, Joulter Cays, Foreknobs Formation, Glacial Grooves of Kelleys Island
2001 Black Sand Beach, Yosemite, Wallace Creek, Pfeiffer Beach, Pinnacles, Holtwood Gorge, Lenticular Beds, Horseshoe Curve, 31st VA Field Conference
2002 Antelope Island, Capitol Reef, Goblin Valley, Canyonlands, Medford Quarry, 67th Field Conference of PA Geologists
2003 Colorado, 54th Highway Geology Symposium, 68th Field Conference of PA Geologists
2004 Burkholder Quarry, Skytop, Stromatoporoids, Natural Bridges
2005 Erratics in Ohio, Sterling Mine
2006 Rt. 30 Thrust Fault, 71st Annual Field Conference of PA Geologists
2007 Royal Westmoreland, Barbados, 58th Highway Geology Symposium
2008 Clinker outcrop in western Maryland
2009 Roadcut at the Narrows in Bedford County
2010 Apparently I did not do much geology in 2010
2011 Rt 522 in Pennsylvania, Keyser and Tonoloway Formations, Red Bluff Granite Complex, Brallier and Harrell Formations
2012 Loysburg Gap, Gifford Pinchot State Park, 77th Field Conference of Pennsylvania Geologists, Gettysburg Formation
2013 Guilford Quartz Monzonite, Hilton Area of Patapsco Valley State Park, Lake Elkhorn outcrop, Ellicott City Granodiorite, Mendon Ponds, Watkins Glen
2014 Ashtabula River
2015 Breaks Interstate Park, Virginia Geological Field Conference

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