The Moon

In 2013, I read two books that have greatly influenced me. The first was A Man on the Moon by Andrew Chaikin, and the second was To a Rocky Moon by geologist Don E. Wilhelms. I have always liked planetary science, but my interest and knowledge of the moon have reached a new level since reading these books and many others since that time.

This page will be a work in progress for a while because I've done a lot of lunar stuff over the last two years.

Here is a playlist of my videos on the moon from youtube.

Using Hasselblad camera and Mapping camera images from the Apollo Program, I have created a sequences of anaglyphs of the lunar surface:
Apollo 8, Magazine C (partial)
Apollo 15, Revolution 27
Apollo 16, Revolution 28

I have uploaded pictures from the Lunar Orbiter program, the Surveyor program, and the Apollo program to wikipedia.

I sometimes take my own pictures of the moon:

Full moon in penumbra Feb. 21, 2008

Labeled craters Jun. 15, 2013

Labeled craters Jun. 16, 2013

Nov. 7, 2013
Three images from lunar eclipse
of October 8, 2014

Conjunction of the Moon, Venus, and Mars on Feb. 20, 2015
The moon is 359,800 km away, Venus is 213,006,000 km, and Mars is 329,128,000 km. Venus and Mars are both more distant than the sun.

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