Stuby Family Photo Album
With emphasis on the descendants of James Leslie Stuby and Mary Eleanor (Tate) Stuby
by James Lyle Stuby

Welcome to the Stuby Family Photo Album. I collected many of these images from my grandparents Jim and Eleanor Stuby, who used to live at "the farm," that is, Stuby Acres, near Punxsutawney, PA, and from my uncle, Richard G. Stuby, who lives in State College, PA. The selection of pictures is of course biased towards my extended family and particularly my ancestors. However, it should be interesting to various Tates, Klahres, Flannegans, Williams, Innocentis, Grosklos's, Pipers, and others. If you spot an error in the identification of a person in a photograph, or an error in the family tree, or would like to contribute an image, comment, or story, you can email me.

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James Leslie Stuby, in December 1930 (age 22).
Mary Eleanor Tate, in November 1928. This is her high school graduation picture. She graduated from Altoona High School, Blair County, PA, class of 1929.
James Leslie Stuby and Mary Eleanor (Tate) Stuby, in June 1986.
George Stuby and Madge Flanagan, parents of James Leslie Stuby. This is their wedding photo. They were married on May 21, 1895, at the Stuby farm in Nicktown, PA.
A photo of all eight of the children of George and Madge Stuby, taken in 1960 or 1961.
Front, left to right: Jessie, Grace, Marie, Margaret.
Back, left to right: Leona, Russel, Jim, Lula
A photo of the Tate Family, including many Stubys, taken at the Morris Reunion, (1949?).
Back, left to right: Juliann Virginia (Morris) Tate, her husband Roy Emerson Tate, Wilmagene Tate, Mary Tate, Stella Tate, Vivian Tate, Allan Tate.
Front, left to right: Richard George Stuby, Oren Tate, Jessie Tate, Dale Carey Stuby, Mary Eleanor (Tate) Stuby, Lyle James Stuby.
A photo of George Stuby and his extended family, taken about 1917. Persons identified by James Leslie Stuby and Richard George Stuby, June 15, 1991, in Punxsutawney, PA.
Back, left to right: Russel Stuby (s.o. George), George Stuby, Marie Stuby (d.o. George), Edna Piper (wife of Lyle Piper, probably the photographer), Clair Piper (s.o. Edna), unidentified man and baby.
Middle, left to right: Margaret Stuby (d.o. George), Madge (Flannagan) Stuby (d.o. James), with Grace Stuby (d.) on lap, James Flannagan (father of Madge), Minni (Flannagan) Piper (sister of Madge).
Front, left to right: James Leslie Stuby (s.o. George) with dog "Kip," Leona Stuby (d.o. George).
A photo of the 5 children of Jim and Eleanor Stuby, taken about 1956.
Left to right: Lyle, Gordon, Dale, Richard, and Carolyn.
A photo of my parents Lyle James Stuby and Shirley Anne (Klahre) Stuby in the early 1970's.
A photo of my brother, Norman Bradley Stuby (left), and me at Stuby Acres in about 1981. Photo probably taken by my grandmother, Eleanor.

Roy Emerson Tate and Juliann Virginia (Morris) Tate.
Above: Wedding Photograph, 1905.
Below: c. 1950?
William Edward Tate, father of Roy Emerson Tate, "taken at the Dinwiddie house at Pine Flats, PA, summer of 1931," according to text on back of photograph written by Mary Eleanor Stuby.
William Reese Morris and Mary Catherine (McCoy) Morris, c. 1925?
William Reese Morris and Mary Catherine (McCoy) Morris and family (in no particular order): Juliann Virginia, William, Charles, Elizabeth, Ellen, Blanche, Anna, Emma. c. 1900?
Mary Catherine (McCoy) Morris, mother of Juliann Virginia (Morris) Tate, c. 1930.

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